Few simple things to check while doing garage door repair

The repair for garage door might often be done by homeowner themselves. There’re minimum five simple things to check, afore calling an expert. A garage door repair is quite easy; for instance, a squeaky or stiff door will just need a good lubrication and cleaning. Other repairs, like repairing a torsion spring, are very dangerous and need assistance from a professional. garage-door-repair-5Before proceeding to repair, ensure to unplug the garage door opener, in order that you don’t get an electric shock while you’re doing the repairing for your garage door repair. You’ll most likely be standing on ladder that is very bad place to get electric shock, since you might also fall off ladder. Also, remember to wear glasses when working with the power tools. Here’s a list of things to check prior calling for an expert for the garage door repair:
  • Check alignment of tracks
If tracks aren’t aligned well, they might be causing door not to work. It isn’t always necessary to unscrew tracks; you can just try to loosen screws or bolts and to tap tracks slightly into the position. Use a particular level to check alignment of tracks. Aligned tracks would allow you be done with the garage door repair in certainly no time.
  • Check metal tracks for damages
The easy garage door repair tip might often solve problem very fast. Metal tracks often might have bumps or dents. If you find damages, strike damaged part of a track with help of a wood block and hammer to straighten track.
  • Dry and clean the tracks
Even though it might sound obvious, but old lubricant and hardened dirt might be cause of sticking in the garage door. In that case, garage door repair might consist of merely cleaning tracks and drying them afterwards. You can use usual cleaners to clean tracks as well.
  • Prevention is better than the repair
Do not wait until door of the garage gets jammed – normally there’re signs that it’s on its way to requiring a good repair. If you find that doors are beginning to close too slowly, it can be that hinges or tracks are succumbing to tear and wear. Doors in garages are normally used on regular basis and they’re easily vulnerable to outside elements, therefore dirt on tracks or hinges can surely make them less durable.