Few golden rules about how to make a tasty smoothie

2.list of the best blenders for smoothiesThe good thing regarding smoothies is the capacity for countless experimentation. And like numerous subjective tastes, only you can define the ideal combination of smoothie makings for you.But how would you go about making a smoothie devoid of botching it up?There are few key considerations to always keep in mind when planning the process, except picking the most efficient blender from the list of the best blenders for smoothies which must speed up thelearning curve and will help you to get preparing smoothies like a professional, yourself. Keep reading this article as its break down how to make a smoothie great the very first time by adhering to nine simple rules. All that is needed here is to make sure that you’ve adequate liquid relative to other ingredients so that you do not end up making a glass that is full of paste, or a smoothie with a watery, runny texture. Of course, everybody has diverse opinions, but you might like the smoothies thick but still able to be sucked up with a huge-diameter straw.Numerous smoothie recipes would attempt to get a proper consistency by opening with a cup or two of available liquid. This could be regular (cow’s) milk, almond milk, soy milk, tea/coffee/alcohol, fruit juice or/and just plain water. The amount of liquid required would increase as you increasethe number of dry ingredients that has been added. Things such as peanut butter, protein powders, ground seeds, dryer fruits (such as banana), and similar ingredients would soak up a bit of liquid. Consequently, you must begin with a cup of your preferred liquid and add additional as required to get themixture to blend. And if it becomes watery, you can then thicken it with help of additional ingredients. No rocket science here, just blend/taste – and repeat till it has an ideal texture! And if you have chosen the most efficient blender from the list of the best blenders for smoothies then you might needn’t to worry about the texture as it could do it in a more competent way though programmed data.Yes, we know that the best smoothies are made with random ingredients, but randomness would happen either way. We think it is always better,to begin with, some sort of vision for a smoothie, regardless ofwhether you get it, or end up with something different, and perhaps better instead!