Charity is giving voluntary donation to the needy. It is a kind act, which brings happiness to the giver and receiver. Charity can be –
  • A single person
  • A group of people
  • An institution
  • An organization
best-charities-2An organization or institution performing charity works are basically non-profit foundations. These charity institutes plead for donations from affluent people and corporate donors. Make sure that the charity for children or arthritis research foundation or the elderly home charity you select has government approval for conducting charity tasks. Donors get rewarded with liberal tax rebates in acknowledgment of their support for humankind. Charity gives support in different ways The needy people are supported by these charities in several ways.
  • Relief is provided to poor and aged people
  • Ill and wounded military people are taken care of
  • Free education is provided to children to poor
  • Food, shelter, as well as education is delivered to the orphans
  • They even participate in repairing ports, bridges, havens, churches, causeways, and other such activities
  • Charities help in rehabilitation of substance abusers and ex-prisoners