In business world of today, we need things faster, better and more cost effective. Those 3 adjectives describe a VOIP System over conventional phone system, to a tee. Abbreviation for VOIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. Actually, you’re using internet to make several phone calls despite of conventional phone lines. With each technology there’re benefits and drawbacks to new/old systems. However in such scenario there’re far too numerous benefits of VOIP Phone system to disregard it. avaya-vancouverLet beginwith price, VOIP systems by avaya vancouver have proven to be cost effective of two. While both need professional installation,such system set up is less expensive and quicker. With conventional phone systems you’ve to pay for line rentals, hardware and conventional PBX. Private Branch Exchange allows functionality for call transfers, directories, group ringing, and much more. Setup for conventional PBX may cost thousands more as compare to a VOIP PBX. With VOIP system set-up is quicker, PBX could be hosted and with very less hardware install, it’s less expensive. Aside from set up cost, such modern systems are less expensive monthly. You’re normally charged a flat rate on minutes, simple and plain. Where traditional system may have minimum long distance charges, monthly line charges, call charges, etc. (more…)