YouTube is the largest video tube in the world because you are able to search any video that you fail to get from any other video tube available on the internet. The most agonizing aspect about official YouTube is that it doesn’t have a download option. If you are to download something, you have to download a video downloader for that. The video downloader software which is available for free on the internet, the speed is so much slow that all your momentum is broken out. The fact is that most people have one kind or another kind of Smartphone in their possession that proves that people would love to go arm in arm with the modern world. og-youtube-6It is a world of Smartphone users, so you have to become smart by downloading OG YouTube which is a modified form of official YouTube in which, the issue is that you don’t see the download option and at times, it often shows buffering. If you use video download manager for this purpose, it is paid software. As most software like this are apparently looking a bit expensive but you see amazing features, hence OG YouTube offers everything all in one. When you make a neutral comparison, everything will come out in front of you so that you can see the clear different between official YouTube and OG YouTube. The speed of playing a video will increase. On the top of that, you can download directly on your Smartphone in a way that you don’t need to purchase ay software for the download of your favorite video, films, dramas, dogs, and much more. If we don’t accommodate ourselves to the changing demand of the people, we will lag far behind our competitors who will be enjoying the same trendy developments in order to avail the best out of these kinds of brilliant discoveries. (more…)